Database Conversion and Synchronization software

Unleash the power of fast and seamless database migration.
  •  Over 30 database types are supported;
  •  All major public cloud providers are supported, including Amazon RDS / Aurora, MS Azure SQL, and Google Cloud;
  •  More than 400 conversion and synchronization directions are covered;
  •  Satisfied clients from over 100 countries who rely on us to expedite their work and simplify their processes.

DBConvert products


DBConvert is robust cross-database conversion software facilitating smooth data transfer between multiple databases.


DBSync tools are designed to compare and synchronize data between different databases.

 DBConvert Studio

DBConvert Studio Software combines familiar and powerful features from the mature DBConvert and DBSync product series along with a redesigned and improved UI.

The following scenarios are available:

  • Simple source to target DB migration
  • One-way/ Bi-directional Synchronizations
  • Data distribution (from one source database to multiple destinations)

Parallel migration provides the highest possible throughput in a given environment.

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 DBConvert Streams

DBConvert Streams is a cloud-based distributed platform that converts diverse database types and enables real-time change data capture (CDC) data replication.

Supported platforms:

  • Linux (AMD64/ARM64)
  • Apple macOS
  • MS Windows
  • Docker images

Stream changes from your database. Transfer data between on-prem or cloud databases.

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Latest News

Relational database engines in the industry may share similarities, but they differ regarding supported data types, metadata organization, and internal data manipulation capabilities.

Manual data transfer processes are challenging, time-consuming, and prone to errors, potentially leading to data integrity issues at the destination after migration.

Fortunately, our cross-database migration and synchronization tools offer a solution by swiftly converting and replicating your database while ensuring data integrity, preserving database structures, and maintaining relationships between tables. DBConvert applications streamline your daily data processing tasks, making them more efficient and hassle-free. Our software can construct a new target database, create tables and indexes, or seamlessly transfer data to an existing database.

Why DBConvert?

Migrate your data fast.
DBConvert's parallel migration engine handles large databases efficiently. Dividing the database tables into multiple parts and processing them in parallel significantly accelerates the data conversion process. This innovative approach enhances the speed and performance of data conversion, ensuring efficient and smooth migration of your databases.
Transfer your data error free.
Before migration, our automated validation system meticulously verifies the structure and relationships of your database. This thorough process ensures no data is lost or compromised during the transfer, providing a risk-free and error-free migration experience.
Convert views/ queries automatically.
Eliminate the need to learn various SQL dialects as DBConvert products handle the automatic conversion of SQL views and queries between different types of databases. This feature saves you time and effort by ensuring a smooth transition without requiring manual adjustments to the SQL code.
Sync database accurately and fast.
Experience a significant boost in data synchronization speed with our tools' trigger and CDC synchronization types. Additionally, our bi-directional synchronization capability enables seamless data replication in both directions, ensuring your data remains up-to-date and consistent across all synchronized databases.

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