The Gift that gives back. Discounts and Free licenses.

We invite everyone to participate in our “Gift that gives back” program and receive discounts on any of our products and bundles. The aim of this program is to raise awareness of database conversion/ sync solutions amongst the database administrator community and any of our potential customers.

How can you participate in the program? It's easy. If you have a blog or a website or any popular Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account, tell people about our tools and get a gift - discount or a free product license!

We would be extremely appreciative if you would share your opinion about our software on reliable database migration related web resources you know. We are ready to give free licenses or discounts for any converters you need. We hope to challenge you to spread the word about our great products!

Give us a write-up and we will offer you discounts or even provide you our products for free!


Follow us on Twitter and tweet about our products. Show us a link to your profile and get -10% off of any product.

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Leave a review of our DBConvert Products on Send us the link to your comment and get your 20% discount

Free License

Make a promo, review or how-to video, place it on YouTube. Send us the link to this video and get a free license of DBConvert product.

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Review of DBConvert Products

Write and post a review of a product on a relevant website or blog. Show us a link to your review and get your discount on this product.

Show us a link to your review and get a discount from 50% to 100%.

Link to us
Place a link to our resource on your blog or website. Send us the site info and get 10% discount.
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Competitive Upgrade

Here are several easy steps to upgrade from our competitors' software to DBConvert applications:

  1. Email us an invoice or other evidence like and About Box screenshot proving an actual purchase of competitive software;
  2. Let us know which product from DBConvert product line you would like to buy;
  3. We will provide you a discount coupon code that can be applied to your order;

Please send us your supporting evidence, specifying your name and email and a link, and we will get in touch with you ASAP.

In order to be eligible for our discount offers, your website, blog or social network profile should be:

  • Relevant to the database-related topics
  • Updated regularly
  • Published posts should be fresh, not older than a month