Database and Cloud Migration Services

Our company has over 20 years of experience in developing database migration software.

Since 2000, we have developed over 50 database migration products to convert and synchronize databases for the most popular DBMSs.

6 reasons for moving data to a new server/ database/ platform.

  1. Target database/ platform has features that are critical for your business needs;
  2. Moving to a fully managed cloud-based database to save money;
  3. Creating a database on a development server;
  4. Going live to a production server;
  5. Upgrading from one database version to another;
  6. Just moving to new, better hardware.
Database Mgration Services by DBConvert team

Data Migration Process Steps

The process of database migration to any other format or platform may involve multiple steps and phases, including

  1. Initial Analysis

    Before starting the migration process, we analyze the Source database's schema, data, and SQL code to estimate necessary efforts, time, and money.

  2. Migration

    The migration process itself mainly consists of implementing the tasks determined during analysis: schema migration and data migration to the Target database, data normalization.

  3. Testing

    After the database migration, the Target database will be tested for possible errors. All bugs fixing found during testing are also a part of the migration process.

So, you decided to move your data from one database to another. To transfer data accurately, you have to be at least familiar with both source and target databases. It's even better if you hire specific DBAs.

The DBA needs to know the server specifications, ports, firewall rules, etc. of the new database/ server/ platform.

Data transfer directly can take more time, depending on the volume of data you need to move.

Conversion or synchronization between different databases and servers can be a daunting task without proper guidance to help you stay on track.

To save you time and reduce the cost of migrating data between different databases, we offer you a guided migration service, whether you need to sync or convert one database or multiple databases.

Our skilled professionals have significant experience in a one-time conversion process, continuous one-way syncing, or bi-directional synchronization.

Data migration performed by our experts is fast and hassle-free. We always prioritize safety and ensure continuity and flexibility as an essential part of the process.