Database Conversion and Synchronization software

Migrate Your Data Fast With Confidence.
  •  More than 10 database engines are supported;
  •  Support for Cloud Platforms: Amazon RDS, Microsoft Azure SQL, Google Cloud and Heroku;
  •  More than 50 common migration directions are supported;
  •  More than 1 million database records can be transferred in 5 minutes;

Industry leading relational database engines are very like each other. Though they are not identical in their supported data types, metadata organization or internal data manipulation capabilities.

Manual data transfer processes are time-consuming and difficult jobs. They are also very error prone, resulting in bad data at the destination after migration.
Fortunately, our cross database migration and synchronization tools convert and replicate your database rapidly while preserving your data integrity, database structures and relations between tables.

DBConvert applications simplify your daily work with routine data processing. Our software can build the new target database, creates tables, indexes. Or it can transfer data to an existing database.
DBConvert Core inspects elements of source database before migration. If there are potential problems with automatic data types mapping, incompatible relations between source database and target one, they will be reported. So that you are aware of the problem before it occurs.

Why DBConvert?

Migrate your data fast.
Our improved engine can handle large databases efficiently with no hassle. It takes as little as 5 minutes to convert 1 million records.
Transfer your data error free.
Our automated verification system checks your database structure and relations with the greatest of care before migration, ensuring that none of your data will be lost or damaged and guaranteeing a transfer that is both risk and error free.
Convert views/ queries automatically.
DBConvert products convert SQL views and queries automatically. You don't need to learn the differences in SQL dialects, it's baked into our professional software.
Sync database accurately and fast.
Trigger-based synchronization method increases synchronization speed in times. Bi-directional sync helps to replicate data in both directions in order to keep up-to-date data in all synced nodes.

The DBConvert line provides cross database conversion tools for data migration between multiple databases. They are able to accomplish data import/ export in both directions.

No matter which database you use, your database structure, tables, view and relations will be migrated accurately and rapidly according to target database requirements preserving database consistency.

Additionally, Converters offer Bulk Insert feature that significantly speeds up large database conversions.

Our improved performance engine allows converting approximately

1 Million records in 5-10 minutes.


In the DBSync line we put together utilities meant for comparison and data synchronization between different databases and for comparison of identical, different, missing and additional records.

Realized in programs as insert, update and drop synchronization features you are allowed to accomplish overall synchronization.

Trigger-based synchronization method increases synchronization speeds.

Bi-directional cross-database sync is available in some products.

 DBConvert Studio

DBConvert Studio Software combines familiar and powerful features from the mature DBConvert and DBSync product series along with a redesigned and improved UI.

The following scenarios are available:

  • Simple master to slave migration
  • One-way Synchronization
  • Bidirectional synchronization
  • Data distribution (data flows from one source database to multiple destinations)

You can fully customize the migration process and schedule tasks easily. Or use predefined default values for simple data transfer

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Migrate web data to database.

Turn websites data into JSON, databases with a simple point-and-click free toolkit.

With Dataflow kit you can easily extract data from web pages.

Using DBConvert JSON Converter fetched data may be converted to databases listed below:

  •  MySQL
  •  MS SQL Server
  •  Oracle
  •  Amazon RDS
  •  Google Cloud
  •  Microsoft Azure
  •  and more...
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Latest News

  • June 24, 2021

    DBConvert Studio
    Firebird to PostgreSQL/PostgreSQL to Firebird direction added
  • May 25, 2021

    DBConvert Studio
    Speeded up Copying and Synchronization processes for PostgreSQL direction
  • April 16, 2021

    Notable improved the work with the latest versions of Postgres in all PostgreSQL related tools!
  • March 17, 2021

    Interbase direction is added to DBConvert Studio
  • March 3, 2021

    DBConvert for Firebird & PostgreSQL and DBSync for Firebird & PostgreSQL new product released!
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