CockroachDB Cloud Conversion and Sync.

CockroachDB is a cloud-native, globally-distributed SQL database. CockroachDB (called CRDB sometimes) uses the PostgreSQL wire protocol, and CockroachDB's dialect is also based on PostgreSQL.

DBConvert database migration software simplifies data exchange between on-premises databases, CockroachDB, and other database clouds with a minimum of downtime.

DBSync products replicate data between your self-managed servers or cloud databases and CockroachDB. Even for different types of databases, it works smoothly.

Whether migrating your entire database to/from CockroachDB or syncing just some of your data, our solutions automate these processes by quickly and securely migrating databases between cloud platforms and on-premises databases.

CockroachDB Cloud Conversion and Sync

CockroachDB connection configuration.

CockroachDB direction is not explicitly specified in a source or destination configuration in the DBConvert / DBSync interface. Don't worry. Use the typical Postgres setup, similar to what you do for traditional local databases, to connect to the CockroachDB server.

Look at the screenshots below. Find credentials in your Cockroach control panel and specify them in DBConvert software connections.

Find connection configuration at CockroachDB server
Specify connection parameters in DBConvert app

In any combination, using our PostgreSQL-related converters, data conversions between CockroachDB and the following databases are possible:

  • PostgreSQL,
  • AWS RDS/ Aurora,
  • Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL,
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL
  • Heroku Postgres,
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Windows Azure SQL Databases/ Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Google Cloud SQL for SQL Server
  • Oracle/ Oracle Cloud
  • MySQL, MariaDB, Percona
  • Microsoft Access
  • Firebird, InterBase

All PostgreSQL conversion and synchronization related applications support migration of data between CockroachDB Cloud and other on-premises databases and Cloud databases.

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