About Our Company

Our company was founded in 2000 and has more than 15 years of experience in database migration software development. We are headquartered in Slovakia and our developers are located in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Today DBConvert products are used regularly by more than 50,000 grateful customers worldwide, including Fortune 100 companies, government and educational institutions and private individuals. Some of them are listed on Our Customers page

Since 2000 we have developed more than 50 database migration products for database conversion and synchronization for the most popular RDBMS listed below:

Cloud databases like Amazon RDS and Microsoft Azure SQL Database are supported by DBConvert products as well.

Our company follows modern development best-practices found in the industry. We are committed to achieving customer delight. All our software solutions are easy to use, even for non IT experts. DBConvert tools have a wealth of customization options and are powerful enough to guarantee the best performance for your database conversion and synchronization needs.

DBConvert Products key features 

For those rare occasions where you might need assistance, DBConvert's professional team is dedicated to giving you the best user support experience, leading to the fastest resolutions possible.

Thank you for your interest in our software and our company!