SQLite Migration & Synchronization

SQLite is a server-less database library that implements a self-contained, transactional SQL database engine. It does not require any configuration and is very easy to use. SQLite is an open-source and free for use both for any commercial or private purpose. SQLite is currently found in a huge number of applications. It is probably the most widely used database engine today, as it is embedded into several widespread browsers and operating systems including IOS and Android. SQLite is an ideal solution in situations where implementation, maintenance, and simplicity of administration outweigh than the more complex features that enterprise database engines provide.

Our DBConvert SQLite related migration software provides you to conduct effortless data transfer and synchronization between SQLite and other database systems. You are welcome to download SQlite converters and sync tools from the list below and evaluate them for free.

SQLite related converters along with SQLite databases migration additionally support conversion of data from JSON files. So you can easily convert any JSON directly to MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access or MS Foxpro databases. All you need is just to set up source as JSON.