DBConvert and DBSync software.


DBConvert's cross-database conversion tools facilitate seamless data migration between multiple databases.

DBConvert's parallel migration engine leverages the power of modern multi-core processors to its fullest extent. By distributing the workload across multiple cores, the parallel migration engine can easily handle large database tables, optimizing performance and minimizing processing time.

With DBConvert software, you can accurately and efficiently transfer the structure of the source database, including tables, views, and relationships, to the target database while preserving the consistency of the database. The migration process adheres to the specified requirements, ensuring a reliable and efficient data transfer while maintaining database integrity.


The DBSync software is specifically designed to compare and synchronize data between diverse databases. It provides the capability to compare records, including identical, different, missing, and additional ones.

Users can ensure that the source and target databases are kept identical by utilizing the insert, update and drop synchronization features. The software employs a trigger-based synchronization, which significantly enhances synchronization speed.

Additionally, certain DBSync products offer the functionality of bi-directional cross-database synchronization, enabling data synchronization in both directions between databases.

Every DBConvert or DBSync tool, as indicated by its name, encompasses two distinct databases, allowing you to configure any specified database from a pair as the source or destination. Additionally, our tools enable you to set up the same type of database as both the source and destination, offering flexible options for your data migration and synchronization needs.

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Comparative overview of conversion and synchronization software.

Features DBConvert DBSync DBConvert Studio
Built-in scheduler
SSH / SSL support
Trigger-based synchronization -
Queries conversion -
Bulk insert support -
Processing large tables in parallel -
Saving data to local dump file - -