Google Cloud SQL Migration and Sync.

What is Google Cloud SQL?

Google describes its platform as "Cloud SQL is a fully-managed relational database service that makes it easy to set up and manage your relational PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL Server databases in the cloud."

To meet the growing demand of migrating on-premises databases to Cloud SQL, we offer our DBConvert software solutions.

DBConvert and DBSync software simplify the process of migrating and syncing your data with GCP databases.

DBConvert migrates your data from a self-managed database server to Google Cloud with a minimum of downtime.

DBSync replicates data between your self-managed server and Cloud SQL. Even for different types of databases, it works smoothly.

Depending on the need, you can shift your database either to the same type of database or to a new kind of database.

Google Cloud SQL Conversion and Sync

Why move to the same type of database?

  • If the goal is to keep the same database type as the on-premises database;
  • You want to reduce maintenance costs of self-managed database server;
  • You don't have enough time to manage storage capacity manually;
  • You have to sync periodically several on-premises db instances with central fully-managed Cloud SQL service.

Use the simple table below to find the right GCP service for you.

Existing Database GCP DB Service
MySQL Cloud SQL for MySQL
PostgreSQL Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL
SQL Server Cloud SQL for SQL Server or SQL Server on Google Compute Engine

Why shift to the new kind of database?

Why might you want to re-platform your on-premises database and choose another database type as a destination on Google Cloud SQL?

Everyone wants to reduce licensing fees and maintenance costs.

Whether you're moving from proprietary to open-source databases or modernizing from traditional databases to scalable cloud-native databases, our bd migration and sync tools can help you migrate your data to the cloud SQL and keep your databases in Sync.

For example, you can migrate Oracle database to Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL.

Solution from GCP to migrate MySQL to Cloud SQL?

Google Cloud Platform provides a tool for migrating your current MySQL database to Cloud SQL. The screenshot shows how it looks like when you start migrating using the service.

The tool looks quite easy to use.

But at the moment of writing, you can replicate data directly from the MySQL database only.

DBConvert, on the other side, offers a more comprehensive choice of available source databases.

MySQL database migration tool from GCP

Why use solutions from DBConvert to migrate data to Cloud SQL?

Before that point, we've mentioned migration and sync direction from an on-premises database to Cloud SQL as a destination. Oppositely shifting a database is also not a problem for DBConvert software.

Servers running on other Google Cloud services (such as Compute Engine) or other cloud providers (such as AWS RDS / Aurora, or Azure SQL Database) might be chosen as a source or destination.

The following highly demandable features are available for Google Cloud SQL converters and synchronizers.

Don't be confused by the fact that Cloud SQL direction may not be explicitly specified in the configuration of a source or destination in the DBConvert / DBSync interface. To connect to Google Cloud SQL instance, use the same settings as you do for traditional on-premises databases.

Look at these screenshots below. You can easily find the IP address of database instance on Cloud SQL to pass it as a Hostname Parameter in DBConvert programs.

Find IP Address of MySQL instance on Google Cloud SQL
Specify Google Cloud SQL for MySQL as destination

5 the most popular Cloud SQL migration and sync directions:

  • Migrate SQL Server to Google Cloud
  • Migrate a MySQL database to Google Cloud SQL
  • Migrate Oracle database to Google Cloud
  • Migrate RDS to Cloud SQL
  • Sync Postgres with Cloud SQL

See you in the cloud.