Excel Migration & Synchronization

Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet application distributed as a part of Microsoft Office suite available for MS Windows and Mac OS X. It allows users to organize, format and calculate data with formulas. Collections of cells are arranged into rows and columns within spreadsheets for data manipulation.

If MS Excel spreadsheet is used commonly as data storage, overgrown data volume may become a real pain to data manage and support. It is better to organize the data from excessively large and complex documents as structured tables in a database. We offer software solutions to automate the migration of your MS Excel spreadsheets to either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL databases.

Our Integrated Data Selector helps choosing the data range from Excel spreadsheets needed for migration. Our Auto-Selection feature automatically recognizes Excel data ranges as “ready to be exported” tables.

Excel data selector

MS Excel converter features:

  1. Database structure configuration
  2. Spreadsheets and columns selection
  3. Defining new tables or arranging existing ones
  4. Created tables are displayed at the right top panel
  5. Changing table properties