Oracle Migration & Synchronization

Oracle is a cross-platform relational database management system for building enterprise-level, large, scalable, business applications. Oracle DB runs on most major platforms, including Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS.

Oracle architecture is separated into logical and physical parts. Modular physical structures can be added to and altered without affecting the activity of the whole database, its data, or users. The data location is transparent to the user in a large–scale distributed environment (grid computing). Resource sharing in this way allows building very flexible data networks with variable capacity, which can be scaled up or down depending on current demand.

Our DBConvert Oracle related software tools are able to migrate databases and sync data in heterogeneous cross-platform environment between Oracle/ Oracle Cloud and other DBMS like MySQL, MS SQL Server and more. You are welcome to download Oracle converters and sync tools from the list below and evaluate them for free.

Note that two Oracle databases may be configured both as a source and as a destination database even if they are located on different platforms (for example between Linux and Windows instances.)