Access to Firebird Migration.

 DBConvert for Access & Firebird

Version: 1.2.3

Release Date: Nov. 16, 2018

Conversion directions:

  • Access → Firebird, Firebird Dump, InterBase
  • Firebird → Access, Firebird Dump, InterBase
  • InterBase → Access, Firebird, Firebird Dump
 DBSync for Access & Firebird

Version: 1.1.9

Release Date: April 27, 2020

Synchronization directions:

  • Access ↔ Firebird
  • Access ↔ InterBase
  • InterBase ↔ Firebird

DBConvert/ DBSync for MS Access and Firebird is a complete solution for bi-directional database conversions and synchronizations. It is designed to migrate data between Microsoft Access and Firebird formats. Also, it is possible to convert and replicate data from Access to InterBase databases. The software is effective and powerful enough to perform data migration between Access, Firebird / InterBase databases in any combination you require.

DBSync for Access and Firebird synchronizes your database between Access and Firebird/ Interbase . The tool supports replication between Access, Firebird and Interbase databases. DBSync for MS Access and Firebird is an effective and up-to-date product providing insert, update and drop synchronization.

Microsoft Access is widely used by many companies for storing their business data. Actually Access databases work perfectly well with small-sized databases with limited number of users who have simultaneous access over a local network.

However, keeping fragmented access databases with many differing styles and interfaces often becomes a real pain for supporting business data in a consistent manner.

Firebird, a free open-source database solution, would be a good alternative to handle growing volumes of data as well as a perfect solution for supporting many simultaneous users access to your business data.

Our most recent tests show it takes about 3.5 minutes to transfer 1 million records from MS Access to Firebird. It is approximately 15 times faster than before!

Product Highlights

Product Requirements

  • Access 2000 or higher. Both Access 32/64 versions are supported
  • Firebird 2.x.x and higher
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 x86 Redistributable package

Latest News

  • Conversion speed performance imroved significanty. DBConvert moves data 15 times faster.
  • Datatype mapping feature added.