Microsoft SQL Server to Firebird Migration.

 DBConvert for Firebird & MSSQL

Version: 2.1.5

Release Date: Nov. 25, 2016

Conversion directions:

  • Firebird → MS SQL Server, MS SQL Dump, Firebird Dump, InterBase
  • MS SQL Server → Firebird, MS SQL Dump, Firebird Dump, InterBase
  • InterBase → MS SQL Server, MS SQL Dump, Firebird, Firebird Dump
  • Firebird ↔ SQL Azure
  • Firebird ↔ Amazon RDS ↔ Interbase
 DBSync for Firebird & MSSQL

Version: 2.1.2

Release Date: Aug. 10, 2016

Synchronization directions:

  • Firebird → MS SQL Server, InterBase
  • MS SQL Server → Firebird, InterBase
  • InterBase → MS SQL, Firebird
  • Firebird ↔ SQL Azure
  • Firebird ↔ Amazon RDS ↔ Interbase

In order to perform migration tasks easily and reliably from a Microsoft SQL Serever to a Firebird target, we offer solutions in the form of DBConvert and DBSync. This software supports using InterBase and Windows Azure SQL databases to be set up as nodes for conversion or synchronization. SQL dump files may be generated to bypass firewalls restriction, if you lack a direct connection to your target servers.

Our DBSync software is dedicated to making synchronization from your MS SQL Server to Firebird and vice versa. Windows Azure SQL Databases or Interbase can be set up as a node for replication as well.

Insert, update and drop synchronization make overall synchronizations possible and your database easy to maintain.

Product Highlights

  • Bi-directional synchronization between MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL
  • Saving data into a MS SQL Dump for export to MS SQL database
  • MS SQL schemes support
  • MS SQL Server (Express) 2000/2005/2008/2008 R2/2012/2014/2016, SQL Azure support
  • Saving data into a Firebird Dump
  • Speed conversion with Bulk and Quantization features
  • Views conversion from MS SQL to MySQL and Oracle and back support
  • Ability to select TCP/IP, PIPE, IPX/SPX communications protocols
  • All Firebird / InterBase versions support
  • Amazon RDS SQL Server DB Instance support

Interface languages

English German French Spanish Italian Danish Chinese Russian Portuguese Polish Greek Bahasa

Product Requirements

  • Firebird 2.x.x and higher
  • Necessary privileges to write into database on the target MS SQL server (this requirement is optional as there is an option to overcome the restrictions using dump file)

Latest News

  • SQL Azure conversion/synchronization added.
  • Migration speed improvement for large databases.
  • Variable quantization step added.
  • InterBase XE7 support.
  • Parameterized queries are added. Synchronization/conversion speed increased by 15%.
  • Trigger-based instant synchronization method between Firebird and MS SQL found.